A Kwick 5 Point Update

A Kwick 5 Point Update

1. Pinterest launches single pin feed in ‘Following’ tab

Similar to Instagram, the single pin stream format Pinterest has added, allows users to focus more on each item. With the chronological following tab, when the user taps on the pin it will lead directly to the website for additional information, driving traffic to influencers, publishers and brands.

Source: Social Media Today

2. Facebook adds YouTube app within Portal

Facebook’s recently launched smart speaker device Portal, allows users to play videos from Facebook Watch and Facebook-approved partners Food Network and Newsy. Now, users will have the option to stream YouTube. As YouTube viewers are increasing on home TV screens at a fast pace, Facebook potentially sees in this a window for selling more Portal units and possibly entering the world of smart home devices. As Social Media Today says it: “If, for example, YouTube videos are a hit on the Portal, because people can, say, watch recipe videos in the kitchen hands-free, that could lead to new, specific and opportunities.”

Source: Social Media Today

3. LinkedIn outlines new Group Infrastructure

LinkedIn has been working on offering an optimal Group experience to encourage users to engage with them further. Their most recent update announces Groups will be part of a separate infrastructure and changes will include:

  • Improvement in the relevance of group notifications stream. Notifications will now be timely allowing content creators to rely on the platform and exclusively focus on getting their message out there without worrying about how it will be delivered.
  • Same filtering process as main LinkedIn feed.
  • Possibility to add more new features similar to the main LinkedIn feed.
  • Improvement of group admin for mobile devices.

Source: Social Media Today

4. Creating 3D Photo on Facebook

Facebook’s recently rolled out the Facebook 3D photo option. However, in order to create a 3D photo, you need to do it from an iPhone 7 Plus or newer, since you need the ‘portrait’ option. Taking visual stories to the next level, here are the steps for your first 3D Facebook photo:

  1. Take a photo using Portrait Mode.
  2. Open Facebook on your iPhone, search for the Facebook 360 Business Page and like it.
  3. Close the Facebook App.
  4. Reopen the Facebook App and create a new post, scrolling down, you should see the Facebook 3D Photo option.
  5. You have your first 3D photo!

Source: Social Media Today

5. Snapchat Partners with Comscore for Audience Measurement

Snapchat partnered with measurement company Comscore, in order to measure total viewership for Discover. The Discover section of the app shows stories for media brands such as ESPN, MTV, Vice and The New York Times. Comscore subscribers will be able to view the data of Snapchat Discover later this month. Whilst snapchat already offers publishers audience measurements produced internally, this partnership will offer them an outside measurements and diverse insights for their Discover audiences.

Source: Social Media Today

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