A Kwick 5 Point Update

A Kwick 5 Point Update

1. Instagram rolls out scannable nametags to all users and adds ‘School Communities’

Adding friends on Instagram just got easier with the app’s nametags which can also be customised with emojis, colours and selfies! Instagram has been testing nametag codes since April and has now released it to all users.

Users can share their nametag with friends through text messages or over platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, making it easier to connect.

Scannable nametags represent an interesting option for brand campaigns to easily connect to potential customers.

Additionally, Instagram is testing ‘School Communities’ in the US, which allows users to show off their ‘school spirit’ and connect with the school’s recent students and ex-alumni in a shared common space. This feature gives users the ability to add their university to their profile, which will feed the ‘directory’, showing users and their respective class year.

Source: Instagram

2. Facebook is testing a new ‘image size’ option to preview Links

Facebook is testing a new preview image format to a small percentage of users and it looks like it will alter how content in the News Feed is presented since the new format narrows down the preview image from landscape to 1×1 format, as seen below.

New format on the left:

Facebook are likely to be exploring this option in order to better align News Feed posts with the Instagram format, therefore encouraging users to cross-post.

Time and data will tell if Facebook eventually decides to make this change a permanent universal option…

Source: Social Media Today

3. Facebook tests new Snap Map-Style Feature and potential new tools for Stories

Facebook continues to focus on and increase their efforts to popularise Facebook Stories, as they predict that Facebook stories are ‘the future of social sharing’. Facebook is currently testing new features that may soon be rolling out to boost Stories usage.

Stories Map:

An evolution of ‘Nearby Friends’; users can now know where their friends are on a map, don’t worry, it’s not pinpoint accurate! It’s completely up to users whether or not they want to use Nearby Friends.

Pet Talent Show:

Who doesn’t love sharing and viewing adorable videos of pets? The ‘Pet Talent Show’ tool seems to be a new feature for Facebook camera enabling users to share and enjoy videos of furry pets!

New Stickers:

The updated stickers come with a variety of options such as new GIF stickers, rating sticker, ‘Message Me’ sticker and a ‘Send Selfie’ sticker, amongst others.

Source: Social Media Today

4. Facebook announces a new Job Listing Option

With the holidays drawing closer, Facebook has announced three new improvements to the Job Listing option in order to assist businesses in finding the right candidates during the big holiday recruitment season. This will allow Facebook’s job tools to be optimised, resulting in hiring through Facebook becoming more functional for businesses.

Sharing job listings in groups:

In addition to posting a job listing on the Page, Facebook will now allow businesses to post the jobs in relevant groups they’re a part of, targeting their listings to more relevant candidates.

Track applications more efficiently in the ‘Manage Job’ tab:

These tools allow the user to ‘filter, sort and mark candidates as favourites’ in order to manage more efficiently the applications received.

Assign a ‘Jobs Manager’ to handle incoming applications and post jobs:

Page Managers may now assign job management responsibilities to other employees who have access to the Facebook Page and who are involved in the hiring process.

Source: Social Media Today

5. Pinterest adds ‘More Ideas’ option to highlight similar Pins

Pinterest steps up their game in content discovery as they add a new ‘more ideas’ tab which will highlight content that is similar to content the user has previously saved.

By exploring the ‘more ideas’ tab, Pinterest’s 250 million users now have the possibility to explore new recommendations as well as seeing suggestions to add new sections in order to help them organize their ideas.

Source: Pinterest Blog

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