A Kwick 5 Point Update

A Kwick 5 Point Update

1. Facebook can now understand text in images

With social interactions becoming more and more visual, social platforms need to develop ways to detect and classify image and video content, enabling platforms to better serve users with relevant content in search, and to also better detect offensive material.

After years of working on this, Facebook can now automatically categorise images based on their content. In addition, Facebook has evolved further and developed additional elements to help detect content. For example, text overlaid on an image such as a meme. This is the current focus of Facebook’s new Rosetta text in images detection system, which covers any text contained within an image posted on Facebook or Instagram.

For brands, these changes could be extremely useful. For example:

  • Being able to search for images based on text, brands can find customers who already buy their products or related products. This could enable brands to reach out to these users with related offers.
  • If image data is provided as another insights tool, you could gain more perspective on your target audience by cross-matching their product purchases, with their other usage and demographic data points – brands can then use this information for detailed targeting.

Source: Social Media Today

2. Instagram launches 3 tools to fight against fake accounts

Instagram has launched three new tools to protect their users against fake accounts, bad actors and hackers. The following features are designed to safeguard users:

About this account tab

From September Instagram accounts with a large audience will have an ‘About This Account’ tab in their profile menu. Under the tab the audience can see information about the profile, information such as the day that the profile started, in which country they live and any running advertisements from the account.

Account verification

Together with making background information on accounts publicly available, Instagram is giving accounts with larger audiences the opportunity to request verification via the app. The verification is available on the settings page in the profile menu. Users have to fill-in the account username, full name and a copy of their business identification.

Third-party authenticator

Instagram is also adding third-party authenticator apps to its list of safety tools for accounts that want a heightened level of security. Users will be able to select ‘Authentication App’ from their settings menu under the ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ listing.

Source: Marketing Land

3. LinkedIn has added Automated Bidding for Sponsored Content

In recent updates, LinkedIn has announced that automated bidding for sponsored content will be available. These ad buying options will be familiar to marketers as the functionality is very similar to that of other platforms.

This automated bidding option will be available when optimising for website visits, awareness, lead submission forms, website conversions and video views. What does this mean? You’ll now be able to let LinkedIn optimise your budget for maximum results.

Source: Social Media Today

4. Twitter is testing a variety of new features for tweet interactions to encourage engagement

Twitter is experimenting with several new variations for tweet interactions to improve engagement between users.

Key updates include:

  • Threaded conversation. To make it easier to see who is responding to which tweet, Twitter will add threaded replies to individual responses.
  • The colour coding for responses will change. The responses from the original tweet will be in purple and the responses from the other tweets will be white.
  • Online users will get a green dot on the profile image. This will indicate that when they see that the person who tweeted is active

Twitter is currently in test mode on these new features but based on initial user feedback you can expect to see Twitter roll out this feature soon.

Source: Social Media Today

5. Snapchat adds ‘Bounce’, their variation of ‘Boomerang’

Snapchat has launched a new feature called ‘Bounce’ – their variation of Instagram’s hugely popular ‘Boomerang’. The new feature will replay parts of your Snapchat.

It’s super easy to use. The user just taps and holds the ‘infinity loop’ and the ‘Bounce’ slider will show up. The slider is easy to control, you just move the slider across to where you want to ‘Bounce’ to reply from, and it’ll loop over and over from that spot in the playback.

Whilst this feature is essentially the same as Instagram’s Boomerang, Snap’s variation gives you a bit more control – rather than looping the entire clip you can choose a specific start point.

Source: Social Media Today

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