A Kwick 5 Point Update

A Kwick 5 Point Update

1. Instagram tests two new features for users to track time and usage in the App

Ever wondered how much time you spend on Instagram? Well, Instagram is testing two new tools that will keep you up to date on how much time you really spend scrolling through Instagram.

The first tool is the ‘Usage Insights’ tab which will show users how much time they have spent on Instagram.

Usage Insights

The second tool is a notification that will inform users when they have seen all the new content posted by the accounts they follow, in order to reduce inactive scrolling.


With these new tools, Instagram seeks to provide insights to its users in order for them to improve their wellbeing by having an understanding of their scrolling habits. Encouraging them to have active rather than passive engagements, leading to a more productive relationship with the platform.

Source: Social Media Today

2. Pinterest expands faster than Twitter and Snapchat, offering significant opportunities for brands

 With 250 million monthly active users, Pinterest’s user growth is showing no signs of slowing down. Moving away from portraying themselves as a social network, Pinterest has shifted its focus to eCommerce, positioning as a platform that drives purchase intent.

By targeting shoppers, Pinterest reports that 90% of weekly users engage with the App to make purchase decisions. This is strengthened by comparisons with other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with stats confirming that Pinterest is by far the preferred platform for users with intent to purchase.

Mary Meeker Internet Trends Reports

Pinterest offers brands many opportunities to advertise their products to an expanding audience with the intent to spend, with their video ads, quick promotion tools, ‘Shop the Look’, amongst others capitalising on user behaviour.

Additionally, Pinterest continues developing their innovative Lens tool, seeking to provide users with additional context for their latest purchase by allowing them to virtually place items in their home.

Lens Tool

Source: Social Media Today

 3. Facebook launches tools for Groups to improve their functionality

Facebook’s interest in pushing group engagement continues to grow, this time, new tools aim to give group administrators more control.

The tools include the following:

  • The admin now has the capability to pre-approve a member’s post, so they don’t have to review their future posts before they are published, reducing the management burden.
  • The admin now has more capacity to control rule violations within the group and keep their members up to date as to how the rules are being violated
  • Admins can now access new admin-specific support – a space designed for admins to ask and report questions or issues and get a response directly from Facebook within one business day.

  • Admins can access the newly created online learning destination which includes tutorials, product demos and case studies, in order to keep their communities in a safe and engaged environment. 

Source: Facebook

4. Facebook launches tools to help reduce the spread of fake news

With the aim of stopping the spread of fake and deceptive news, Facebook has announced additional updates to the News Feed. This includes a news knowledge campaign that provides users with tips to detect fake news; this campaign will appear at the top of the News Feed and in print ads. Facebook is also partnering with academic research teams in order to address issues and measure the impacts of fake news.

Educational Campaign

With these measures and the thousands of new moderators hired, Facebook aims for additional transparency over the News Feed process by reducing the impact of fake news.

As the number of users who use Facebook as their main daily news platform increases, Facebook continues its efforts to reduce the harmful impact of fake and misleading news.

Source: Social Media Today

5. Removing Trending From Facebook

Facebook will be removing ‘Trending’ next week to make way for future news experiences on Facebook. Since this feature was introduced, it has accounted for less than 1.5% of clicks to news publishers on average, indicating that users have found the feature to be of little use.

Facebook has acknowledged that users consume news primarily via video and on mobile devices, therefore they are exploring new ways to keep users informed whilst also ensuring that news seen on Facebook is from trustworthy and quality sources.

The focus will be on ensuring that the way users consume news on Facebook is of high quality, and in ways that better captures attention to breaking news when it matters most.

Source: Facebook

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