When customer-centric thinking and data combine

When customer-centric thinking and data combine

High performing brands understand their customers. They are truly customer-centric and have invested in processes and tactics that anticipate and deliver what a customer wants, before they ask for it.

The shift from telling to listening, and mass-selling to personalising, is the tell-tale sign that a brand is focused on the customer and is committed to personalisation.

In order to successfully market to customers on a personal level, the customer must sit squarely at the heart of the brand or organisation and be understood and valued by every department from marketing, product development through to front facing customer service personnel.

A high performing brand or organisation that is customer-centric achieves this by embracing data and ensuring it is unified and accessible to the entire organisation. For brands embarking on this journey the process begins by engaging partners and platforms that can identify and unify their customer data – with the ultimate goal of providing a single customer view. With technology and process in place, marketers can focus their efforts on personalisation, deepening their relationship with the customer whilst optimising to increased ROI in a continual feedback loop.

To deliver delight and surprise moments in the current landscape brands must consolidate and analyse data, create customer personas, create and assemble content, anticipate the customers’ needs and wants, and deliver it in real time, at the right moment in a contextually relevant environment.

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