A Kwick 5 Point Update

A Kwick 5 Point Update

1. New features are coming to Instagram, including Stories integration with popular apps Spotify and GoPro

When using the Spotify or GoPro app, users can now tap the share button to send content directly to Instagram stories or as a direct message to another user.

In addition, users can share a sticker of a song, playlist or album they’re listening to, with a link to play the music on Spotify. Within the GoPro app, users will be able to directly share their action shots, with the option of quickly editing them before sharing.

There is no requirement to connect the Instagram account with the other Apps to share on Stories, which is a major plus, and there are more Stories integrations to come so watch this space.

Spotify integration with Instagram.

Instagram is leveraging Facebook’s Camera Effects Platform to introduce new AR effects created by sports leagues, media outlets and celebrities. These include stickers, face filters and text styles that users can easily add to their tray of effects…the possibilities are endless!

Source: The Verge

2. Facebook to prove it can deliver business success by launching commerce “Analytics” app

Facebook is out to prove that it can offer businesses more than just a strong social media presence. Through the new ‘Analytics’ app Facebook will offer companies a quick and easy alternative way to stay posted on the growth and engagement of their business page.  The app is set to compliment Facebook’s Pages Manager and Ad Manager.

The “Analytics” app allows businesses to customise their reporting to measure metrics that are most important to them and their business. For example, metrics include:

  • Revenue
  • Retention
  • Check automated insights
  • Active users
  • Track businesses’ apps, websites, bots and event source groups

Some businesses may also benefit from automated insights from Facebook notifying of periods of high conversions or certain demographic spends.

Source: Techcrunch

3. Snapchat will start testing un-skippable six-second ads 

Snapchat has historically been reluctant to force ads onto its users. However, given their current situation and the fact that advertising is a large percentage of the app’s income, they have decided to test ‘un-skippable’ ads in app.

These commercials will be 6-seconds long and will run in selected Snapchat Shows that last between three to five minutes. Their challenge is to create ad-content that catches and holds the people’s attention throughout the Show.

Will this experiment ease Snapchat’s financial struggle or just alienate their users? We’ll be watching…

Source: Digiday

4. No more infinite scrolling… Instagram’s ‘Explore’ section overhauled

 An improved ‘Explore’ section features organised content in unique topic channels that will allow users to discover content that matches their interests and tastes, offering a more personalised experience in app.

Once a button is selected, a set of hashtags related to the topic will appear for the user to interact with more specific content. In addition, in the updated Explore section users will be able to find buttons that are positioned in a scrollable, horizontal row across the top of the page – enabling selection of a topic to browse more quickly – all of which will be based on individual interests and tastes.

Interestingly, the new Explore section is powered by AI, which is being augmented with content classification and curation signals from the Instagram community to make the experience personalised.

Source: Techcrunch

5. Facebook launches new tools that allow businesses and people to deepen connections in Messenger

Businesses can now incorporate augmented reality into their Messenger experiences with potential customers by leveraging the Camera Effects Platform that will be specific to each brand.

By introducing AR effects and messaging, users will be able to “try” the product in virtual reality, being able to share their pictures with friends and family to seek instant feedback.

These one-to-one experiences featuring the virtual and the physical world, seek to engage and delight customers to drive rapid business results.

Also, offering an option for translation in Marketplace, this feature allows buyers and sellers to communicate with potential customers worldwide with no language barrier.

Source: Facebook

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