A Kwick 5 Point Update

A Kwick 5 Point Update

1. Snapchat gives creators analytics… finally!

Snapchat’s insight tool has had a makeover, gone are the days where content creators had to screenshot their story view counts before they disappeared every 24hours! Snapchat has introduced a brand new and improved insights tool for content creators which is set to transform the way Snapchat works with content creators.

New analytics include:

  • Total Story Views in the past week, month and year to date
  • Time Spent Viewing Stories in minutes in the past week, month and year to date
  • Daily unique story viewers, average time unique viewers spent watching and completion rates
  • Audience demographics
  • Audience interests

These changes will now enable content creators to tailor their posts to their audience, measure engagement more accurately and show their total reach to secure sponsored content and partnerships.

Watch this space to see how the updated insights tool impacts Snapchat’s performance as a platform as a whole.

Source: Techcrunch


2. Facebook is adding a new ‘lists’ option to help boost engagement

Facebook is adding a new update option, with users being given the opportunity to post colourful lists of their choice, with the aim being to boost engagement and interaction on-site. The list feature is super simple – when composing your status update, you’ll be able to select ‘Lists’ from the various options available. Once you’ve selected, a new template will pop up where you can customise your list (add colour, emojis etc).

This has raised the question – can this be used for business purposes and be useful for brands? For example, brands could search for publicly posted lists for business insights and utilise insights for marketing strategies. This remains answered as the format is in testing mode, however it is an interesting area to explore and monitor.

Source: Social Media Today

3. Instagram introduces Carousel Format to Story Ads

After just one year after Instagram introduced stories, they are already expanding their story offering with the carousel ad format. Instagram recently announced that it had started testing Carousel ads for Stories with brands such as Netflix and Paramount.

These changes will triple the capacity for images in a Stories ad, enabling brands to get creative with their ad campaigns and equipping brands to connect with users through storytelling.  Through the three 15-second videos, advertisers and brands will also be able to maintain a narrative or a lead a call to action.

Source: Mobile Marketer


4. Snapchat flexes its e-commerce muscles

Snapchat has recently started to sell merch inside a digital store within the Snapchat app. The store is available in the Discover media section of Snapchat and it offers Snapchat-branded merchandise for purchase. At this stage, Snapchat is reserving this e-commerce experience for its own merchandise and not letting brands participate as of yet, ‘this is more of way to test full e-commerce capabilities within the platform, which could be interesting down the road’.

With this new feature, Snapchat is utilising its culture of disappearing videos, by alerting people that products could disappear from the store—a clever way to drive demand.

Source: Ad Age


5. Pinterest launches new planning calendar to assist with campaign optimisation

Pinterest has recently launched a guide, the Possibilities Planner to help brands ensure they generate the most out of their Pin campaigns.

The focus of the guide is on timings, with the key feature being their planning calendar which details exactly when interest starts for each major calendar event, ensuring that brands can optimise in line with key timings and trends. The guide includes key calendar dates such as Christmas and Back to School and includes audience reach, top keywords and creative ideas.

Whilst Pinterest doesn’t always get as much attention as other platforms, Pinterest’s growing influence is undeniable, particularly through tools like this, and is increasingly becoming an essential tool in the purchase process, and therefore a platform that should be considered within relevant marketing strategies.

Source: Social Media Today


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