A Kwick 5 Point Update

A Kwick 5 Point Update

1. Facebook Watch

Facebook is set to unveil a new feature called “Facebook Watch”. The new Watch tab will allow existing Facebook users to consume video content, chat and share content with friends, and discover short-form videos friends are engaging with.

This new platform has the potential to become a significant rival to other video-based platforms, such as YouTube. An important aspect of the new platform is that it will offer a new way to interact with existing online friend networks, something YouTube doesn’t facilitate.

So, despite YouTube’s 1 billion monthly users, Facebook Watch may be a force to reckon with, as it allows its’ existing 2 billion monthly-users to interact with each other and video content simultaneously.

Is this a new era for online video consumption?


2. GIPHY is starting sponsored GIFs

GIPHY, a four-year-old GIF search engine with over 200 million daily users is going to start monetising with sponsored GIFs within messaging platforms. Previously, GIPHY was open and did not prioritise GIFs through sponsorship.

In the new world of sponsored GIFs, searching for “Big-W” may also bring up results for “Target” or “Kmart”; or searching “Monday morning” might bring up posts with Starbucks products.

Beyond brands, there is a big opportunity for TV shows and films to prioritise GIFs comprised from their own video content, especially considering television and film clips make up a huge portion of GIPHY’s content.

Source: techcrunch


3. Google Stamp

Google is set to release a Snapchat Discover rival, Stamp. Stamp is a development from Google’s AMP (accelerated mobile pages) project. AMP sought to revolutionise how webpages load and display content, and significantly increased the loading speed of articles.

Stamp has taken this concept one step further, combining Snapchat’s story layout and the high-speed loading of articles to deliver a new way of consuming news.

The Journal reports Google has been in talks with media outlets including, the Washington Post, CCN, Mic, Time, and Vox to develop content optimised for the new platform.

Stamp articles support text, videos, and images. Articles load directly within search results, and enable users to swipe through content much like Snapchat Discover.

Source: nymag.com


4. Nokia ‘Bothie’ to replace the ‘selfie’?

Nokia’s new Nokia 8 is focussing on content creation as a selling point with the introduction of “bothies”, a.k.a. videos taken with the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

The biggest development here is the ability to livestream from both cameras at the same time, opening up a whole new type of content for social media marketers.

Both cameras can also be used for traditional photo and video content. In order to maximise the impact, Nokia has coined content taken with both camera’s as a “bothie”, as opposed to a selfie.

Source: techcrunch.com


5. Snapchat Crowdsurf

Snapchat’s set to release a new feature called “Crowd Surf”, which will re-invent how people consume live music performances.

“Crowd Surf” uses AI machine learning as a tool to discern when a large number of people are recording the same musical performance. From there, it laces together a video from multiple angles while keeping the song playing smoothly.

A recent demo from a Lorde gig shows how this tech will revolutionise how people consume live performance videos.

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