When your yoga sequence is lived out in your communications job

When your yoga sequence is lived out in your communications job

From downward dog, mountain pose and savasana, our yoga sequences we practice on the reg, are now coming into practice with our communications job.

Nama-say more…

Child’s pose
When you need to take timeout from a pitch, a partner, the team, the phone and emails and just tune into yourself. 

Astavakrasana a.k.a the 8 angle pose
When you are executing a campaign like a ninja. Your feet are off the ground but your hands are firmly on the ground. Whether you’re optimising the CPC on your post, bespoke pitching or hustling that influencer deal.

As communication professionals, we are spiritual and practical warriors. This pose involves working every muscle you have… The pose you bust out when entering a new business pitch, your feet are firmly planted on the ground but your energy is fully charged and everything in your body is on!

Bridge Pose
When you bend over backwards to bring all the wins for a campaign or a pitch, whether you’re bending backwards for a journalist to make a story happen, to tightening your copy so tight with the hopes of it being shared thousands of times organically on social, or when you’re just trying to be the middle woman (man) between everyone.

Downward dog
The safe pose, the pose that makes you stop, recharge and get revitalised it’s the pose that makes you think… Why am I doing this? What is the objective? What is success? 

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