A Kwik 5 Point Update

Twitter introduces 24/7 live stream


Twitter just announced new 24/7 live streams are available across sports, news and entertainment, bringing hundreds of hours of new premium video content to the platform. Advertisers will be able to buy pre and mid-roll, and The Wall Street Journal is one of Twitter’s first partners pushing their round-the-clock streaming.

It seems like Twitter is trying to take over traditional broadcast TV, tapping into the popularity of live streaming. Is this also Twitter’s final attempt to keep people on the platform?

Twitter has been lagging behind other social platforms in terms of updates, resulting in a rapidly diminishing active user base. Time will tell if this new addition reignites Twitter’s share in the market. Either way, this is an exciting step forward for the platform.

Snapchat takes on TV


Snapchat wants to takeover TV too, but in a different way. Where Twitter is focused on live streaming, Snapchat is looking to compliment television with a focus on original and pre-recorded shows, many of which are tie-ins of existing content broadcast on network TV.

Snapchat seems to be heavily guiding this added TV element, and are working  on content creation themselves rather than leaving the content creation to the media partners. This highlights Snapchat’s confidence in understanding their audience, and what type of content will be engaging to them.

Instant Games for Facebook Messenger


Facebook is rolling out Instant Games on Messenger, with new rich gameplay features that allow developers to create unique and sophisticated experiences for users. Depending on the device you use and where you are located, there are now up to 50 games available on Messenger, with more being added every week.

Game Bots are helping elevate the gaming experience even more, re-engaging players and encouraging competition. The most requested feature was to add turn-base games, and now in Messenger you can have leader boards, tournaments, and have the ability to send others game messages during play.

Words With Friends, one of the most popular game apps of all time, is now available as a feature-rich, turn-based game right in Messenger. Get playing!

Snapchat launches Ads Manager


Snapchat launches self-serve ads manager, shifting their focus to smaller businesses from giant brands. Advertisers will now be able to buy, manage, optimise, and view reports on campaigns for all Snap Ad types, including video, app installs, long-form video, and web views.

Snap Ad Manager has targeting capabilities and goal based bidding.  Rolling out in June to the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Australia, Snapchat Ad Manager gives anyone the opportunity to self-serve Snap Ads.

Broadening their range of advertising capabilities will ideally help Snapchat boost its revenue and kick-start its slowing user growth.

Now it’s up to small businesses and agencies to create compelling video content, using Snapchat’s vertical video format and keeping their largely teen audience in mind.

Facebook offers Ads Manager for Excel


Facebook introduces Ads Manager for Excel. If you’ve ever done a social report, you know the feeling of drowning in downloaded spread sheets. Now there is a Facebook Ads Manager plug-in for Excel 2016 that can help advertisers report on their campaigns.

This add-in seamlessly integrates with Excel to provide reporting capabilities where you can directly have  data from Facebook, and combine data from multiple ad accounts without manual integration.

And it gets better! There are even pre-designed templates that can quickly pull common metrics, otherwise you can customise your reports to show exactly what you need.

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