Huffpo Goes Younger

Getting your story placed on a high profile blog is a good thing, right?  Lot’s of eyeballs eyeing your clients story.  One of these high profile blogs, the Huffington Post, is eyeing new readers with it’s Patch network of hyperlocal sites, and a new venture aimed at teenagers.

This news dropped friday around lunch time in North America so it mostly didn’t get a lot of play, but it’s picking up steam on monday as (paid) bloggers are latching on to the HuffPo’s business model: we pay in Whuffie.

There’s an unending supply of fresh graduates and inexperienced writers for whom the opportunity to work with a real editor (probably) is a good payment for 500 words of churn.  I’m not going to go deep into the morals of this business model (it’s short-sighted and exploitative) or into the economics of new media journalism (it’s broken). For the purposes of this blog, I bring it up to call attention to our audience as marketers.

This is who you’re pitching to.  For the unpaid writer, putting out something that will pull a lot of eyes might get them a paid gig writing elsewhere.  Their byline (and personal brand) are going to be all over their stories and the further those stories go, the better.

And for the paid writers, many of whom are working on a churn business model, they need their prose to be quick, snappy and most of all effortless.  Even paid bloggers need to produce a lot, which doesn’t necessarily give them time for thoughtful analysis or even careful reading of a press release.  A snappy paragraph or two might be all they could manage about your product, event or service.   A quick look at “cool tools” sites like “The Awesomer” or Uncrate” gives a sense of their output.

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