A Kwick 5 Point Update

Need an Uber? Look no further than Facebook

Facebook continues with its quest to never give you a reason to leave its platform. Currently in testing, the new feature will allow you to summon an Uber from within Facebook Messenger, as well as track and pay for a ride.

It’s a win-win situation  Uber taps into […]

The World Walled Web

Facebook is many things; an ingenious marketing tool, an abyss of wasted hours, the ultimate time capsule, a great movie… and a threat to the principle of universality?

The inventor of the internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has claimed that Facebook and other such closed network applications are ruining the world wide web and threatening the […]

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Spousal Engine Optimization

or…SEO for dummies

I like technology.  I also quite like my wife.  Far be it from me to have to pick between the two.

But I’m always curious, whenever we talk about Ad Words and Optimization and Personalized Marketing…how well does Google really know me? So I’ve devised a little experiment.  It’s a quick Q and […]

The Trust Economy

(or, Scarcity Part One)


Imagine you’re the CEO of a tech company and you’re about to unveil the highly anticipated latest iteration of a beloved product.  You’re up there on stage, showing off the shiny curves, and intuitive workings of the doodad…and right when you’re about to display an awesome new feature, a real […]

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Location Location Location

So…I used to be in a band.  We had a modicum of success, selling tens of albums, and playing for sold out crowds in bars with a capacity of nearly 6.  It was fun, and we did have a few loyal fans.  And far be it from me to be all douchey when it […]

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