When customer-centric thinking and data combine

High performing brands understand their customers. They are truly customer-centric and have invested in processes and tactics that anticipate and deliver what a customer wants, before they ask for it.

The shift from telling to listening, and mass-selling to personalising, is the tell-tale sign that a brand is focused on the customer and is committed […]

A Kwick 5 Point Update

1. New features are coming to Instagram, including Stories integration with popular apps Spotify and GoPro

When using the Spotify or GoPro app, users can now tap the share button to send content directly to Instagram stories or as a direct message to another user.

In addition, users can share a sticker of a song, playlist […]

A Kwick 5 Point Update

1. Snapchat gives creators analytics… finally!

Snapchat’s insight tool has had a makeover, gone are the days where content creators had to screenshot their story view counts before they disappeared every 24hours! Snapchat has introduced a brand new and improved insights tool for content creators which is set to transform the way Snapchat works with […]

A Kwick 5 Point Update

1. Facebook takes visual messaging to a new level

We all know that the way people communicate and message each other is no longer limited to a traditional text message. Visual messaging is increasingly becoming our new universal language – sharing photos of our experiences brings our conversations to life whether it be sharing holiday […]

A Kwick 5 Point Update

1. Facebook Watch

Facebook is set to unveil a new feature called “Facebook Watch”. The new Watch tab will allow existing Facebook users to consume video content, chat and share content with friends, and discover short-form videos friends are engaging with.

This new platform has the potential to become a significant rival to other video-based […]