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Flexibility and Facebook’s Guide to Marketing Best Practices.

Just a brief note here on facebook’s recent release of their marketing best practices guide.

While one could take issue with their opening statement (“At Facebook everything we do is about making the world more open and connected.” (emphasis added)),

the focus should be familiar ground for anyone in the digital marketing space:

1) Build a Strategy […]

The World Walled Web

Facebook is many things; an ingenious marketing tool, an abyss of wasted hours, the ultimate time capsule, a great movie… and a threat to the principle of universality?

The inventor of the internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has claimed that Facebook and other such closed network applications are ruining the world wide web and threatening the […]

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Twittiquette for Business

A blog post with nothing to do with Old Spice.

I hope this will come off as something like helpful advice, and less like cranky bitching about a bad flight.

My wife’s evening flight to Chicago was canceled. She discovered this when an automated phone message left her a voicemail that told her not to show […]

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To Can Haz or Not to Can Haz

The Cheezburger network, if you’ve missed it, is popular network of blogs with the very simple mission of “making the internet smile for 5 minutes a day”.  They’ve accomplished this with a steady stream of captioned images, usually borrowed memes such as Kludges or LolCats or Fail.

Cheezburger network is somewhat controversial; they’re seen as […]

Social Media 101

Did some video chopping this week on the Klick Social Media

The three fabulous folks put the basics better than I ever could, so please give a warm round of applause to Scott Rhodie, Heather Snodgrass, Mandi Bateson and our very own Kim McKay.  The highlights are below and the full version after the jump.

Forward […]

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