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The World Walled Web

Facebook is many things; an ingenious marketing tool, an abyss of wasted hours, the ultimate time capsule, a great movie… and a threat to the principle of universality?

The inventor of the internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has claimed that Facebook and other such closed network applications are ruining the world wide web and threatening the […]

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Twittiquette for Business

A blog post with nothing to do with Old Spice.

I hope this will come off as something like helpful advice, and less like cranky bitching about a bad flight.

My wife’s evening flight to Chicago was canceled. She discovered this when an automated phone message left her a voicemail that told her not to show […]

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To Can Haz or Not to Can Haz

The Cheezburger network, if you’ve missed it, is popular network of blogs with the very simple mission of “making the internet smile for 5 minutes a day”.  They’ve accomplished this with a steady stream of captioned images, usually borrowed memes such as Kludges or LolCats or Fail.

Cheezburger network is somewhat controversial; they’re seen as […]

Social Media 101

Did some video chopping this week on the Klick Social Media

The three fabulous folks put the basics better than I ever could, so please give a warm round of applause to Scott Rhodie, Heather Snodgrass, Mandi Bateson and our very own Kim McKay.  The highlights are below and the full version after the jump.

Forward […]

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First Thing We Do Is Gag Mark Zuckerberg

I, along withdozens of other internet pundits, have been harping on Facebook for a few weeks now.  Each new update to the platform offers a range of privacy concerns and other hoo-hah that lead to lot’s of digital ink being spilled about everything from “How to Turn Your Facebook Back To What It Was […]

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