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A Kwick 5 Point Update

Need an Uber? Look no further than Facebook

Facebook continues with its quest to never give you a reason to leave its platform. Currently in testing, the new feature will allow you to summon an Uber from within Facebook Messenger, as well as track and pay for a ride.

It’s a win-win situation  Uber taps into […]

Social media’s generation of Travel Lemmings

Earlier this year, the smart folks at Junkee Media highlighted an interesting impact of social media on travel decisions. With increased visibility and check-in opportunities, our behaviour has shifted away from wanting to discover places where no-one has been, to flocking to the places everyone has been. New York, London, Paris – nobody wants to […]

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The new mobile consumer: how to connect, influence and convert

It was recently announced that Facebook now has 399 million users who login only from mobile devices. Considering that Facebook only added 62 million mobile users during the last quarter, it’s a clear sign that mobile technology is rapidly changing the way that we connect with one another.

Mobile technology has become an extension of […]

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Facebook changes: mobile first, pictures are everything, curate your own content


Whenever Facebook releases a new version, people usually divide; some love it, others hate it. However following this morning’s launch of the new-look News Feed, it seems even the usually critical ‘Twitterati’ agree Facebook’s latest changes are for the best. So what’s new? Facebook’s revamp is all about user experience — the site looks […]

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Google+ Brand Pages – A Review/Recommendation

If you’re not down with the Google+, in a nutshell, it’s Google’s social offering which smoothly integrates its existing online product suite – including Google Places and Maps, Web and Image Search, and YouTube. Connections are allocated to ‘circles’ allowing for topic-focused discussions to be limited/shared among relevant users.

At first glance, Google+ may appear […]

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