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Politics, 140 Characters at a Time

You know how when you call a company with a question or a complaint and you spend the first 10 minutes navigating their phone tree?  “Press one if you want to talk about your bill, your service, or to leave a comment”.  And you know how surprised you  sound when an actual human being […]

Make Your Privates Public

At the F8 Conference last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the latest update to Facebook.  Open Graph, the new platform that allows outside websites access to your profile information creates, as Zuckerberg put it “a web where the default is social”.

Or, to put it another way, you’ve got to take some proactive steps […]

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You Like Me! Vs You “Fanned” Me?

Here’s some things I’m a Fan of:

The late 90’s band Soul Coughing
Musical theatre
Terry Pratchett

Here are some things I like.
Diet Coke with Lime
Fuji Apples
Fat Tire

Here’s the difference: I once spent an entire summer looking for illegal downloads of unreleased Soul Coughing tracks.   If the bar doesn’t carry Fat Tire, I’m equally happy […]

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