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A Kwick 5 Point Update

Twitter opens flight school to all users

About a year and a half ago, Twitter launched Flight School, a training program for agencies. Now, Twitter has extended Flight School to all its users.

Flight School for Twitter is a training program so you can sharpen your Twitter skills and read best practices, case studies and […]

Huffpo Goes Younger

Getting your story placed on a high profile blog is a good thing, right?  Lot’s of eyeballs eyeing your clients story.  One of these high profile blogs, the Huffington Post, is eyeing new readers with it’s Patch network of hyperlocal sites, and a new venture aimed at teenagers.

This news dropped friday around lunch time […]

3-6 White Guy Bands

The other night I went to see a band called “Telekinesis” at the worst bar in the Pacific Northwest. The band was fine…a tight three piece that made me reconsider my policy of avoiding bands where the drummer is the singer (apologies to Phil Collins). But they were just…y’know…fine. I’m not […]

The Advertiser’s Goldmine

Tell you what:

Imagine you’ve got a product you want to advertise.

I can do that for you. There’s two options.

1) For $100, I will go into a room with 100 of my closest friends and tell them about your product. I’ll say something like “hey guys, I just bought the widgetron 9000…it’s pretty […]

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Life’s a Pitch

Twentyten has seen Klick Communciations go through our fair share of pitching.  Some we’ve won, some we haven’t.   We have learnt a lot during the process, but we have been resoundingly reminded that no one likes a No.   So much so that we would like to re-think NOvember and are launching our own reverse […]

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