To Can Haz or Not to Can Haz

The Cheezburger network, if you’ve missed it, is popular network of blogs with the very simple mission of “making the internet smile for 5 minutes a day”.  They’ve accomplished this with a steady stream of captioned images, usually borrowed memes such as Kludges or LolCats or Fail.

Cheezburger network is somewhat controversial; they’re seen as […]

The New Gatekeepers

or Scarcity Part two

Hollywood, like many industries (newspapers, radio, video games), has problems.  How do you get people to pay for their product?  Their product is something that people enjoy, but these days, anything Hollywood makes is available, essentially for free the minute it becomes available anywhere.  It’s hard to compete with free.  Old […]

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iAd: Apple’s 30 Rock?

The early days of television advertising was far from subtle.  In the middle of a program, the characters would break out, turn to the camera and talk about, say, breakfast cereal, before resuming the story.

All the classic TV shows did it.  Lucy hawked cigarettes.  Andy Griffith did Grape Nuts.  This worked, for a while, […]

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