Sacred Spaces

I saw this while traveling this weekend:

It’s a copy of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughter House Five that is ad supported. On the cover, or in the pages, a company called WOWIO will insert an “unobtrusive advertisement” to subsidize the cost of the publication.

I see a lot more of this lately: creative […]

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Social Media Size Queens

In a meeting with a potential client last week, it became very clear, very quickly that it was going nowhere.  It all began with the following phrase:

“I want it to go viral!”

…a phrase which I’ve bitched about before.  But it got worse when the client (let’s call him Brian) told me his target goals:

“Can […]

Actors and Actions

There are some good actors in Los Angeles.  They’re smart, funny, dedicated to their craft, and savvy about their business.  They’re also good people…able to hold conversations about topics outside their auditions and who sold what show to whom.  Unfortunately they’re few and far between and their goodness is swallowed up whole by the […]

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Spousal Engine Optimization

or…SEO for dummies

I like technology.  I also quite like my wife.  Far be it from me to have to pick between the two.

But I’m always curious, whenever we talk about Ad Words and Optimization and Personalized Marketing…how well does Google really know me? So I’ve devised a little experiment.  It’s a quick Q and […]

Go Weird or Go Home

Penn and Teller are the greatest magicians in the world who do death defying stunts, fantasmagoric sleights of hand, and witty banter in their Las Vegas show, on their long running TV series “Bullshit” and in a series of books, blogs, magazine articles, and ‘casts (both pod- and vlod-).  In reading one of their […]

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