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Klick Communications uses traditional and digital strategies to bring spirited ideas and meaningful campaigns to life through consumer brand exposure, experience and interaction. With offices in Sydney and Los Angeles, we specialise in public relations, digital PR, social media, and content development. Our expertise lies with consumer lifestyle brands; focusing on travel, fashion, property development and entertainment industries.

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As Klicksters, we are focused on harnessing the unexpected. We’re constantly innovating and adopting to the fast-evolving online space. We’re at the forefront of social media engagement, while never forgetting our roots in traditional public relations and marketing communications.

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handbookKlicksters are clever, creative, motivated and have a certain spark about them. A hardworking bunch, our team thrives on collaboration and the fun, supportive environment of Klick’s headquarters.

KlickStart Program

klick-graduateIntern – such a filthy word. Here at Klick we know that spending days fetching coffees, photocopying and scabbing leftover muffins from breakfast meetings make for an internshit (except for the muffin part – that never gets old).

Here at Klick, we are proud to have a KlickStart program. We call our assistants ‘Happy-to-Helps’. We give our ‘Happies’ hands-on training in digital communications over a three month learning period. And we make sure that they feel as valued as they genuinely are.

Interested in Klickstarting your communications career? Get that foot in the door here.

  • Joel Schiffler

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    October - December 2016

    Where Are They Now?
    Octagon - Sports & Entertainment Agency

    It becomes clear very early on in the Happy To Help program that it won’t be a typical internship experience.

    It certainly won’t be three months plagued with photocopying, coffee runs and counting down the minutes until 5pm. Instead, expect an enriching, challenging and rewarding experience.

    Klick are intent on nurturing the development of their Happies, often going above and beyond to ensure they are involved in interesting and fulfilling work. At the beginning, I sat down with my supervisor Alana, who helped me develop a number of challenging and meaningful goals. These goals allowed me to develop a variety of skills that were enhanced by being able to work alongside a host of reputable clients.

    Klick’s greatest strength is its people. Those who come into Klick every day are a diverse mix of equally interesting, creative, talented and intelligent people whose varied individual strengths combine to create a truly incredible ‘team’. A number of Klicksters made time to share their extensive knowledge in different fields such as social media and account management, speaking of the instinctively supportive environment at Klick.

    I really could go on an on, but I won’t. I feel indebted to Klick for endowing me with the skills and resources that no doubt led to me being offered a dream graduate position. More than that though, I feel incredibly lucky to have made life long friends in the process.

    Thank you Klick.

  • Timothy Hayes

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    February - May 2016

    After sitting down and discussing what I wanted to achieve during my time at Klick, the team wasted no time putting me to work on a variety of PR tasks for some of their impressive clients. From writing weekly posts for a travel blog, to planning and producing copy for social, to drafting press releases, it was heartening to know I had arrived as a Happy to make a meaningful contribution.

  • Brooke Boland

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    September - November 2015

    Where Are They Now?
    Full-time Klickstar

    Although I was only in 2 days a week as a "Happy", I learnt so much (more than I did during my uni lectures). My tasks weren’t all the menial kind you would expect as an intern, but actually quite challenging and tailored to the goals I set with my supervisor, Alana at the beginning. At Klick, the team was supportive, the work was rewarding, and unlike my friends I looked forward to going to my internship every week (even if it was a 3hr train ride away!).

    Where you are now?
    After three months as a “Happy” and the completion of my degree I was over the moon when Alana offered me a full-time position as part of Klick’s Graduate Program! I have been working full-time for three months now and loving it. I am already client-facing, managing the Sunglass Hut showroom along with a couple of social accounts and learning so much along the way. I feel so privileged to have stepped out of university straight through the doors of Klick’s welcoming headquarters.

  • Maria Grippo

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    October - December 2015

    I had a great experience during my time at Klick. I gained valuable exposure into the public relations sector and how it fits into the grand scale of the media and communications industry.
    I learnt that teamwork and excellent individual work go hand in hand. I also learnt that it's important to have great personal relationships with your colleagues, especially when you spend eight or so hours with them five days a week. I also noticed how personality is equally important as how good you are at your job.
    I saw how PR can be equally rewarding, stimulating, challenging and fun at the same time.

    Where are you now?
    I'm still hustling full time in retail but still determined to land my dream job in PR.

  • Peter McFarlane

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    June - September 2015

    Where Are They Now?

    During my time at Klick I was able to use many of the skills I had developed during my time at university. My time at Klick, was the first 'real' exposure I had with the practical side of PR. The team at Klick taught and encouraged me to practice a multitude of techniques and tasks that are integral to the multifaceted PR profession. I was able to practice and improve many 'traditional' PR skills such as media release writing, establishing and maintaining relationships with journalists, event promotions, and engaging with publics. The team at Klick also helped me to understand the way social media is regularly used to engage various stakeholders, as well as the strict guidelines and criteria clients have set when acting on their behalf on social media platforms.

    Where are you now?
    I'm currently in Hakuba in Japan doing a snow season here. I'm working in two fine dining restaurants as the floor manager at one, and as a bar tender at the other. Once the season is over, I have a PR job with TripAdvisor! I am also talking with some people at Edelman and might be able to work part time with them.

  • Baden Parker-Brown

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    February - March 2015

    The experiences I gained working in an office environment completing a typical nine-to-five day for Klick was invaluable. I made new friends, acquired vital everyday working experience and now have more of an idea of how PR works in the real world.

  • Chiara Pinna-Cartwright

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    July - September 2015

    Being a Happy-to-help allowed me to learn all the important basics of the Communications and PR industry. I was given the opportunity to be mentored by those who know the ins and outs of the industry and was able to improve my writing skills, time management, and my ability to multi task in a working environment. I learnt that the media world is much more fast paced and multi layered than I initially thought, and realised the tremendous job people in the PR industry have in creating and maintaining a clients relationship with its consumers.

    Where you are now?
    I just graduated from university, and am currently applying for Editorial internship programs, as my focus is now leaning towards the writing aspect of communications. My aim for the near future is to pursue a career as an article or feature writer for a lifestyle or travel magazine

  • Jenna O’Rielly

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    January - June 2015

    Where Are They Now?
    Currently back in Canada finishing my Bachelor's degree in Communications

    Before Klick, I knew very little about PR and absolutely nothing about the Australian media landscape. After being a Happy to Help I have a better understanding of the different roles that PR plays within an organization, and have a clear sense of the Australian media landscape. I received tons of feedback on all of the work that I completed, which helped me improve my writing and editing skills. Working in such a positive and encouraging environment made it easy to learn about PR, and I was able to experience many different aspects of the work that Klick does for their clients.

    Where you are now?
    I am currently back in Canada finishing my Bachelor's degree in Communications. After graduation I am planning to travel and am hoping to make my way back to Australia to pursue a career in PR.

  • Hannah Bowman

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    December 2014 - March 2015

    I would say that the biggest thing I learnt about during my time at Klick was how agency work happens, and got a real insight to the PR landscape. Also whilst doing various jobs I improved my writing skill set, and bettered my organisational skills.

    Where are you now?
    I currently have one subject to complete before I finish uni. Whilst doing this I am working at a pub, and doing retail at mecca maxima, saving money in hopes to move to London this year to work in a creative industry over there. I am thinking this will be social media, and digital producing, but will just have to get over there and see what pans out!

  • Maddie Koczanowski

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    June - September 2014

    Where Are They Now?
    Full-time Klickstar

    When I first came to Klick, I had no idea what to expect. At Uni, PR is very wishy-washy, no one gives you a straight answer. I learnt everything I needed to and far more when I was a Happy at Klick, it made going back to Uni such a breeze.

    Where are you now?
    Thankfully, Klick loved me as much as I love them, and I recently celebrated my Two Year Klickaversary… I plan on sticking around for quite some time!

  • Jo Klados

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    March - June 2013

    Where Are They Now?
    Furthering my studies at Uni & HR Assistant at Theos Bros Property Group

    Klick was my first ever “real” job. It gave me the opportunity to delve into the PR world, working with numerous clients on exciting projects including the Havaianas Thong Challenge. Klick definitely built a strong team and every week through team meetings I was empowered to test myself and strive towards my own goals. While I’ve gone off to further my studies, I know the experience I’ve gained at Klick is invaluable and I know will assist me in my future endeavours.

  • Jessica Davis

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    August - October 2010

    Where Are They Now?
    Events Manager, Hoyts The Entertainment Quarter

    When I exited Central Station on a brisk [and I mean brisk] Monday morning in August I wasn’t too sure what to expect from my internship with the small yet mighty PR and marketing collective, Klick Communications. I had all the usual symptoms of nervousness: short of breath, legs like jelly and that fluttery feeling in my stomach. I was so determined to make a good impression and not make anyone regret taking on this third year PR and communications student from the small regional university [Charles Sturt University that is].

    Upon entering the very cool office space of Klick Communications the butterflies in my stomach flew away and I smiled a genuine smile – replacing the ‘I’m smiling but think I might throw up’ smile I had plastered on my face while in the elevator. Klick Director Kim McKay and Communications Specialist Florence Sandford greeted me with open arms and I knew in that instant that I was going to have the most incredible month.

    When I think of the term ‘intern’ I imagine the youngest person in the office doing all the jobs no one else wants to do, has time to do, or feels overqualified to be doing. While I did a few coffee runs and post office visits I feel it is imperative that in the role of intern you pay your dues; to an extent. This payment needs to be coupled with new and exciting challenges that you can really sink your teeth in to and achieving that balance is why I value my time at Klick Communications so much.

    Klick doesn’t use the term ‘intern’ but calls their university-aged PR Assistants ‘Happy to Help’ and ensures every ‘Happy’ is given on-the-ground training in digital PR and marketing. The scales were actually tipped towards giving me more than enough challenging tasks once my supervisors were able to observe and evaluate the quality of my work and speed in which I was able to complete set tasks; giving me numerous opportunities to display my talents throughout the month, particularly in the latter two weeks of the month I spent as a ‘Happy’.

    My first day with Klick was the Monday following the Splendour in The Grass weekend and, as Klick was representing Richard Ashcroft while he was in Australia, I was able to witness firsthand how Klick Communications handled the backlash of Ashcroft exiting the stage during his set at Splendour. The phones were running hot with journalists after a statement and myself, responsible for tracking all media coverage of Klick’s clients, clipped and sent close to one hundred articles so that no comment or remark was left unread by the Klick team.

    During my month with Klick Communications I worked across their entire client base and was able to sit in on meetings with potential and current clients. I independently worked on press releases, PR proposals, mail outs and research tasks; demonstrating to me the trust that the team at Klick had in me while also providing me the opportunity to show them how seriously I took each and every task assigned to me.

    For an organisation at the start of its second year of operation, the calibre of clientele who visited the office was impressive and I was able to observe and work on large-scale campaigns including Youngcare’s national Thong Day and the commencing preparations for the annual Havaianas Thong Challenge that takes place on Australia Day. Being at Klick Communications I was made to feel like a member of the team and I have never witnessed [or been a member of] an organisation that is comprised of people who are such good friends and are able to interact in a friendly yet professional manner to achieve symbiosis and the incredible results that Klick Communications achieves every single day. I am eternally grateful for the experience Klick Communications gave me and am eager to enter the PR industry, knowing that the education I received through the KlickStart program will stand me in good stead for a long and prosperous communications career.

  • Beau Kassas

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    January - June 2010

    Where Are They Now?
    Started his own communications agency

    I was first attracted to Klick Communications because I wanted a free pair of Havaianas for the summer. However, after doing a little research I found that Klick was the best place to learn the fundamentals in the areas of most interested to me - PR, Events, Digital PR and Social Media.

    Havaianas Thong Challenge was the first project I assisted with. Being a “happy”, I couldn’t believe I had the opportunity to be at Bondi Beach while setting up for photo shoots. ‘Just an average day at the office’ Kim said to me.

    This was such a valuable experience as I was able to see the whole process from approaching the publication, to seeing the end result in the paper.

    Klick has invested its time and knowledge into the starting of my career. I know in the years to come I will still be using the techniques and approaches learned here.

    I know I will be a success, because of Klick Communications and the KlickStart Program.

  • Lauren Tizio

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    February - April 2010

    Where Are They Now?
    Marketing Assistant, Martin & Company

    Amazing does not even begin to describe the KlickStart Program! Having started my work experience in January, I immediately got to see how the Klick team excels at integrating the newest advances in social media, with classic forms of public relations, through the Havaianas Thong Challenge on Australia Day. Being a small team, Klick has the ability to tailor projects specific for each client which allows the “Happy-to-Helpers” to gain insight into many industries and perform a multitude of tasks.

    As a Happy, I helped manage events for Havaianas, Australian Traveller, and Hawaii Tourism and compiled media and press clippings for various clients. I learned how to write press releases, researched and maintained the media contact list using in-house systems, and computed AVE values, (the value of a press clipping plus the PR value) on top. The experience that I have gained at Klick will allow me to have an edge over competition when starting my career after graduating uni this upcoming spring. Miss the team very much, and wish them nothing but success and happiness!

  • Kaitlin Hines

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    May - June 2010

    This past summer I decided to study abroad in Sydney, Australia. Being born and raised in the United States, I had no idea what to expect while being in a foreign country, let alone how I would be able to handle work experience abroad. Fortunately, I was placed with an incredible team of people who not only made me want to do my best, but also made it very obvious that they wanted their clients to be as successful as they could be.

    During my internship at Klick Communications, I was able to gain an understanding of the day-to-day tasks of working within an international PR agency. Along with that, I learned how to work within a team, how to plan a media event, how to acquire media contacts through different publications, and how to put together end of the month financial reports, which are sent to the clients.

    I was lucky enough to be a part of Klick, not only as their “Happy”, but also as a part of the friendship that holds their team together. Within the short seven weeks there, I was a part of 3 o’clock tea, PR events that were held by other media relations, and even dinner and a movie with not only a company, but also a team of talented PR specialists that just “Klick”.

    I couldn’t have asked for a better hands-on experience, and I do not think that I would be as excited for my future career if had I not had the opportunity with Klick Communications. The time that I spent with them most importantly taught me how to meet deadlines under pressure, build business relationships, and most effectively work within a team in order to make your company and your clients as successful as possible.

  • Claire Lockhart

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    November 2010 - February 2011

    Where Are They Now?
    Marketing Specialist, ESG Asia Pacific

    The Klickstart program has really pushed me in the right direction of my future in the PR world. The past three months have gone amazingly fast. Deciding to spend my summer at Klick instead of on the beach was one of the smartest decisions I have made. It has been an invaluable experience that will assist me through my career endeavours. This is not the last that Klick has seen of me.

  • Richard Portman

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    July 2012

    Where Are They Now?
    Director of Atticus Search, Financial Services Technology

    Hello again. It’s the 39-year-old Happy, although this time next week I will be 40. A week of milestones. The end of my life and the end of my time at Klick. Didn’t someone say life begins at 40? Well if that’s the case I’ve no idea what I’ve been doing with myself for the last 20, but looking forward to the next.

    My course kicks off again next week and so today is my last day as a Happy. It’s been a fantastic few weeks that has given me a very privileged insight into the day-to-day activities and personalities of a PR agency… although far, I’m sure, from just your average PR agency.

    I definitely know a lot more than when I started. Then I was very green. I’ve certainly converted quite a few unknowns into knowns. The experience has been invaluable as I have been relating the plain theory into colourful practice. I’d say I’m a lighter shade of green. Just being able to listen and observe has been really cool. I’m looking forward to getting back to TAFE and sharing with my classmates. I’m not the only class member of ‘advanced’ years so a little assurance will go a long way.

    I will be proud to look back in the knowledge that I am a member of the special Happy alumni and that I can reference my time here if needed in the future.

    As for me, will I make the jump? Still a few more rivers to cross and mountains to climb before I make that decision. I still have my own business to run and looking after that will always keep me on the right side of busy. But it also provides me with lots of flexibility and options ahead.

    In signing off, I really want to acknowledge what a very friendly, professional and smart bunch the team at Klick are. Thank you for your patience and guidance. And a very special thanks to Angela for being so welcoming and for getting me into One Direction. I will never forget you for this selfless gift.

  • Nancy Cho

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    July 2012 - March 2013

    Where Are They Now?
    Returning to Seattle to begin the job hunt

    Being a Klickster has opened up the world of PR for me. I was actively included in meetings, events, and got to work on a wide variety of projects for our clients. Social media content building, press clipping, and on site event management... the office was always busy with great projects. From working on the beach for the Havaianas Thong Challenge to being wined and dined on a Christmas yacht, the experiences are immeasurable.

    They were always flexible with my university schedule, and cared about my wellbeing while abroad. It was a delight to be part of the team. Klick was quick to break the ice even for this 'new girl' in town from America. Even taught this avid coffee drinker to look forward to a good cup of afternoon tea.

  • Cameron Stead

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    July - October 2011

    Where Are They Now?
    Studying art

    Klick Communications facilitates a production, supportive, friendly and dynamic working space where creative ideas run freely and easily among the amazing people who work there. My experience at Klick was tailored to my needs and interests, and I now have a much better understanding of where I sit in the industry, what I’m capable of and where I’d like my career to go.

  • Alana Lindsay

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    October - November 2010

    Where Are They Now?
    Account Manager, CDS Global

    Klick Communications is an amazing team of intelligent and friendly people, who not only taught me the essentials of the PR industry but also inspired me to research and develop myself as a budding PR agent. Thank you Klicksters!

  • Paige Milton

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    February 2012 - July 2012

    Where Are They Now?
    Graduated from the university of Wollongong

    Thank you so much for all of your help and interest in my work and progress!

    Hands down, best internship i have done. I enjoyed coming in every week and always feel i have learnt something every time I leave.

  • Jalissa Morris

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    November 2011 - March 2012

    Where Are They Now?
    Graduated Double Degree (Commerce - PR/HR & Communications and Media - Marketing) at University of Wollongong

    Thank you to the entire Klick team for all their help, guidence and support during my time as Happy. I had a really great time and learnt a bunch as well!

  • Jess Reeves

    Time In The Klickstart Program:
    October 2010 - January 2011

    Where Are They Now?
    The Awkward Collection & Razor Joy

    From the moment I had my interview I knew my Klick experience was going to be one for the books. They welcomed me with open arms as I embarked on 3 months work experience with this up-beat, fast paced (not to mention stylish) In the know team! Thank you for everything!