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Don’t you love it when things just klick...

At Klick Communications, we harness the unexpected to boost your brand’s influence. It’s as simple and complex as that.

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Who We Are

A collective of curious and creative minds who seek to harness the unexpected.

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What We Do

We ignite your customers’ desire to act through compelling insights, ideas and initiatives.

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Why We Do It

We’re inspired by what’s next, and we’re addicted to creating impact and influence.

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Just some of our awesome partners.

The latest musings, learnings and Eureka moments from Klickland.

Grab a cup of something hot and have a read.

  • A Kwick 5 Point Update

    1. Instagram tests two new features for users to track time and usage in the App Ever wondered how much time you spend on Instagram? Well, Instagram is testing two new tools that will keep you up to date on how much time you really spend scrolling through Instagram. The first tool is the ‘Usage […]
  • A Kwick 5 Point Update

    1. Instagram becomes more business-friendly with improved business tools Instagram is a powerful business tool; 200 million Instagram users visit a business profile each day and more than 150 million engage in conversations with businesses through ‘Instagram Direct’ each month. In order to make it easier for businesses to communicate with users and to better […]
  • When customer-centric thinking and data combine

    High performing brands understand their customers. They are truly customer-centric and have invested in processes and tactics that anticipate and deliver what a customer wants, before they ask for it. The shift from telling to listening, and mass-selling to personalising, is the tell-tale sign that a brand is focused on the customer and is committed […]

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